Which is the Best Hosting for WordPress and why choose WPEngine?

Which is the Best Hosting for WordPress and why choose WPEngine?

As you probably already know WordPress is a free to use Open Source CMS which is unmatched for it’s great and friendly user interface and extendable features pack. It is the most popular solution on the Web chosen by more than 25% of all sites on the Internet.

It allows for even non-technical people to easily create and manage many types of websites, including Blogs, Portfolios, Company and E-Commerce solutions.

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There are many companies out there offering various services for hosting WordPress but really what’s worth your money and time and what you’d get after you become a customer?

I have a pretty good experience with most types of hosting services throughout the years of my professional career as a WordPress developer and came to the conclusion that when it comes to choosing hosting you should make no mistakes because they might turn even fatal for your project’s future..

Luckily there is a company which is dedicated specifically to hosting WordPress and it is worthy talking about. This company is called WPEngine and here are the reasons I recommend choosing them:

WP Engine offers top-class infrastructure options for any type of client’s site size or traffic need. There are more than 200,000 WordPress installations that serve billions of visits and thousands of terabytes of data each month.

WPEngine’s Secret Sauce –  crucial to their top performance and stability is the proprietary layer built off of thousands of carefully designed code rules which are constantly monitored and enhanced. The special front-end layer automatically caches all kind of resources like images, JavaScript and stylesheets, which optimizes system performance.

EverCache™ which is a fully integrated WordPress environment system ( added via a plugin) helps serving common pages 4-6 times faster than a typical Web server. Thanks to WP Engine’s EverCache, site owners or developers don’t need to add additionally caching plugins. WP Engine takes care of that for you!

CDN (Content Delivery Network) – A Content Delivery Network is a network of hundreds of caching servers, positioned all around the globe, which store a local copy of your web site’s content, and can instantly serve this content to visitors in that geographical region. Usually static content is kept on a CDN  and when a request comes in it automatically determines which CDN server is physically closest and then content is delivered from that location rather than your main server. The effect is two-fold: content loads faster because it’s closer to the end-user (lower latency), and now your site can scale dramatically because the traffic is being served from an expansive global network of servers that can share the traffic load.

– Last but not least WPEngine has an outstanding Support Team. For any question you might have you can contact them immediately and they would gladly help you within minutes!

WPEngine has a variety of plans tailored for your Business needs. Benefits to the Premium plans include:

  • Increased CPU/Disk/Memory performance
  • Ability to run security/performance testing as needed
  • Ability for a larger degree of environment customization
  • Scalability: multiple servers per account

To see more information about them visit the WPEngine’s plans page.

Good luck with your new WordPress site!