The Modern Way to Do IT

I’ve been working as a PHP Web developer for the past 10+ years on various projects and most of my experience has been with international companies and clients most of it done remotely.

Why do I think that this is probably the best way to look for professional opportunities if you are an IT? Well here are 3 good reasons:

  • First of all working remotely and being at home is a priceless way to have more freedom and flexibility compared to traditional 9-18 workweek.. I always try to avoid this frame at all cost!
  • Secondly you have a chance to work for so many companies and clients which are thousands of miles away, sometimes on other continents – this is extremely valuable experience you can hardly earn in any other way..
  • Often remuneration working this way is better than what you can expect to have on a standard job so you have even better motivation!

Recently I was looking for various platforms and I came upon Toptal which have their mission to make the connection between developers like me and companies looking for top quality software engineers to work with them on fair terms. That’s why I think this approach would turn out to be the future of IT Recruitment and I’d be glad work exactly in this way!