The Best E-Commerce Platforms for 2015

The Best E-Commerce Platforms for 2015

When it comes to E-commerce solution for a small to medium shop there are several things to think about. One is would you prefer to have full control over your system and own the software, or maybe a ready SaaS solution would work just fine for you? The difference between those choices is either having a self-hosted solution, meaning the whole site is on your own server – shared hosting, VPS or Cloud, or signing up for a ready service that offers all that and hosts and maintains it for you at some price?

Having this in mind I would recommend from my personal professional experience as an e-commerce developer to choose one of those two options for the following reasons:

Self-Hosted Solution

WordPress + WooCommerce

WordPress is a free and open source based on LAMP featuring many options out of the box:

  • Blogging
  • Content Management System
  • Beautiful and Functional Themes with Responsive design
  • Variety of Plugins that easily extend functionality – Free and Premium
  • Good SEO support

WordPress is used by more than 25% of the top 10 million websites and the reason is it’s great community and functionality – WordPress is like a LEGO constructor you can use to create pretty much anything!

And WooCommerce is the most popular E-commerce plugin for WordPress. And it also comes for free packed with a set of features and with many extensions and customization options. It also has an API with hooks that would allow your developer to tweak it further.

Hosted Solution


Shopify is the most popular e-commerce hosted service and is a choice of thousands of business owners. It really has a beautiful and easy to use administration panel and allows customizing the website with a number of themes and apps, available at their Theme and App Store. It’s cloud hosted so you’d never have a problem with hosting anymore and monthly fees start at $29. Note that you also have access to theme’s code HTML and CSS files and can add custom templates, which is a rather good option for a hosted solution!

Which one you choose it’s up to you!