Should I use WordPress for My Blog or Site?

Should I use WordPress for My Blog or Site?

The short answer is “Yes!” and here is why you should choose it:

Advantages of WordPress as a blogging and CMS system

WordPress is totally free to use, it’s Open Source software and has a very good track record and community behind it. About 25% of all sites on the Web use WordPress.

WordPress is easy and friendly to use, even for non-technical persons. It has intuitive organization and you can deliver quickly the best results.

WordPress is like a LEGO constructor – it is very extendable with multiple plugins and themes, some of them also free. You can create almost any kind of website including: Blog, Corporate, E-commerce, Portfolio, Social Network, etc.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly – it allows you to easily setup meaningful URLs and organize data in categories, tags and types. Also using an SEO plugin adds additional features in an instant.

WordPress is very easy to maintain because it actually updates with a single click or since recently automatically. It has a stable team behind it’s development and advances quickly compared to other alternatives.

WordPress has also very reliable security mechanisms and you can additionally enhance this using some plugins and techniques.

WordPress can be easily optimized for better performance – there are many plugins that allow caching and PageSpeed optimization, required for better Google ranking (SERP).

WordPress supports various Media Types via it’s Media Library and it’s a few clicks to upload and setup a gallery or featured post or add a YouTube clip.

Additionally most modern premium themes rely on built in Page Builders that allow you with just several mouse clicks to setup complex page layouts.

I recommend from my experience as a WordPress Developer using premium themes and plugins because of their usually better quality and support in time.

You can find thousands of them at:

Theme Forest

Code Canyon

In terms of hosting your WordPress site the world’s top hosting company specialized in this is:

WP Engine

So go for it and Happy Blogging! 🙂