Should I host my WordPress site on my own server or use a hosted solution?

Should I host my WordPress site on my own server or use a hosted solution?

WordPress is the World’s most popular Blogging and CMS solution. It’s based on PHP and MySQL and is free open source product developed by the WordPress Foundation. WordPress was started in the far 2003 as a joint effort between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little to create a fork of b2 CMS. By 2009 WordPress was one of the most stable open source products and today it’s even stronger used by about 25% of all popular web sites on the Internet.

It’s definitely the best choice for creating most types of websites being a casual blog, corporate website, e-commerce solution, educational, portfolio or multi language high traffic portal. There are many advantages WordPress has, some of which are:

  • Built-in Blogging support
  • Friendly Content Management System
  • Beautiful and Functional Themes with Responsive design
  • Variety of Plugins that easily extend functionality – Free and Premium
  • Good SEO support

All that turns WordPress into a kind of LEGO constructor which allows almost any person with some technical background to achieve great results in short time!

So what’s the difference between a hosted and a self-hosted WordPress site?

Hosted Solution is the so called hosted solution you can choose. This is a blog web hosting service provider owned by Automattic, founded by the creator Matt Mullenweg and powered by the open source WordPress software. It provides free blog hosting for registered users and is financially supported via paid upgrades, “VIP” services and advertising.

This means that all hosting maintenance is managed by the service provider and the basic plan is free, and if you’d like extra features like a premium theme or custom domain name like you need to pay for that. There are yet some disadvantages to this solution:

– You are limited in terms of plugins – you cannot upload your own

– You do not have access to the programming code and can only edit content via the Admin editor

In order to get more freedom as a VIP user you have to pay extra for features like CSS editor, domain mapping, Domain Registration, Removal of Ads, Website Redirection, Video Upload, and storage upgrades

Self-Hosted Solution (Own Server)

The open source edition of WordPress which you can freely download at is a ZIP archive with programming source files, that require a web hosting server to run it. That’s why you need a kind of Hosting service to install it on and set it up to work with a domain of your choice. This often requires programming skills or at least high level of technical knowledge about how web servers work. Also in order to have the theme you’d like to use, you need to upload it too and setup layout together with necessary plugins. So in general this might seem a little difficult to non-technical people. And yet there are many advantages why would you choose this option.

– You have full control over the code and data of the website

– You can install various plugins to enhance functionality

– You pay just for the domain and hosting, but no other extra fee

It’s up to you to decide which option is better. But in any case if you would like to have a more customized or complex website it would be necessary to have full access to the programming code and database.

So the platform I recommend from my own experience to use for a Self-Hosted WordPress solution is:

WPEngine – It Really Offers the World’s Best Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting Platform and has a variety of features and options which allow you to concentrate on your website and not on hosting problem solving.

As they call it:

“Hassle-Free WordPress Hosting”

After choosing hosting you’d also need to look for proper plugins and theme for the new site, and the best places to look for are:

Themeforest – Offers the best WordPress Premium Themes

Codecanyon – Premium Plugins and Scripts

Good luck with you new web site! 🙂