My Christmas wishlist as a freelancer

Christmas is coming again and it’s time to sit back and take some time and reflect on the year that’s already gone.. and on the new one to come…

It’s been one long year with many surprises, good projects, lots of new friends, meetings, parties and events and experience that made me a wiser person..

What more could I have achieved – maybe a lot more.. but yet there are lessons learned and it’s time to take a deep breath and go for the future and who knows – maybe achieve a great goal, find a new person or visit a great new place..

Everything is important but our attitude and is up to us – so I plan of being even more professional and also kind and careful – because no matter what the goal is, the means to achieve it are important too!

Let’s be good and wise and wish for a new year of love, creativeness and hope!

Happy Holidays!

PS: This post inspired by the Blog Carnival: The freelancer’s Christmas wish list by Freelancer Map