Me myself and my skills!

  • Orlin Dimitrov

  • Web Developer, Social Activist & Philosopher

My Philosophy

Combine fruitful work with pleasures from this world and have something after that…”

This is a kind of philosophy I live with, that makes me desire more, strive for my goals and yet obey the moral and human laws, we are all bound to. I believe there is a Universal moral codex built in our mind and everything around us and therefore every person can always know the difference between good and evil. Although it’s his personal choice how to act and re-act.

We are temporarily here in this world, and we have the obligation to make so, that our next generation exceeds us – be more educated, more successful and better humans. Earth is our home planet and we must keep it balanced at all cost, because now we are at war with Nature and if we win it, we are doomed.

I believe consciousness is a Universal property and souls are it’s vessel. We as humans are privileged in our world to be the master of our lives and I strongly hope that the fruits of our intellect and common effort would help us solve the fundamental problems of today’s world and evolve to a new level, where we’d be truly happy and in harmony with all of our surroundings!

My Skills

  • Web Development 100%

  • WordPress Theme Development 100%

  • WordPress Plugin Development 95%

  • Responsive Design 100%

  • Visual Composer 98%

  • CSS/CSS3 100%

  • HTML/HTML5 100%

  • JavaScript/jQuery 95%

My Professional Background

Briefly about me I’ve been working as a PHP Web developer for the past 10+ years on different projects and with versatile technologies. Most of my experience is in international companies with agile development most of it done remotely.

I have solid knowledge of the WordPress platform and a good list of successful projects in the past several years. My work had involved custom development, including PSD to HTML and creation of custom WordPress Themes and Plugins from scratch, SEO and PageSpeed optimization as well as customer service. I feel confident working both frontend and backend since I am familiar with jQuery, CSS and Bootstrap and the WordPress API and architecture.

I have also participated in 250+ smaller projects and site tweaks while I was working as a WordPress Developer at Elto (formerly Tweaky).

Personally I am a good team player and socialize easily. Under pressure I am careful and often ingenious problem solver. I also have a good network of (international) friends and contacts.

I am a proponent of IT entrepreneurship and innovation and organizer of OpenCoffee, Varna since 2009. I also co-organized Startup Weekend Varna 2013 event and was a member and IT Coordinator of AIESEC LC Varna as well as participated many local IT and Business events.

Among my other interests are AI, Philosophy of Mind and Sustainable Development for which I share my thoughts in my Philosophy site: Temple of Thought. I also explore there the questions of Life, Death and reincarnation, as well as share my favorite resources on these topics.