Instructions For A Bad Day

There will be bad days. Be calm. Know that now is only a moment, and that if today is as bad as it gets, understand that by tomorrow, today will have ended.
Say how you feel without fear or guilt, without remorse or complexity. Be lucid in your explanation, be sterling in your oppose. Be forgiving. Living with the burden of anger, is not living. Giving your focus to wrath will leave your entire self absent of what you need. Love and hate are beasts and the one that grows is the one you feed. Be persistent. Be the weed growing through the cracks in the cement, beautiful – because it doesn’t know it’s not supposed to grow there. Be resolute. Declare what you accept as true in a way that envisions the resolve with which you accept it.If you believe with absolute honesty that you are doing everything you can – do more.Every nightmare has a beginning, but every bad day has an end. Ignore what others have called you. Make us comprehend the urgency of your crisis. Silence left to its own devices, breeds silence. So speak and be heard. One word after the next, express yourself and put your life in the context – if you find that no one is listening, be loud. Make noise.Everyone is blessed with the ability to listen. The deaf will hear you with their eyes. The blind will see you with their hands.Listen to the insights of those who have been there, but have come back. They will tell you; you can stack misery, you can pack dispair, you can even wear your sorrow – but come tomorrow you must change your clothes.
Everyone knows pain.
We are not meant to carry it forever. We were never meant to hold it so closely, so be certain in the belief that what pain belongs to now will belong soon to then.
Be calm.
Loosen your grip, opening each palm slowly now.
Let go.