How to install Firebug Light on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari browser

Have you tried doing CSS fixes on a browser like Internet Explorer or Safari? I can say it’s always a pain compared to Chrome or Mozilla, which have integrated their own developer tools to easily look into CSS code and DOM elements.

But there are good news! You can easily add a Firebug Light functionality to every page and browser by using their JavaScript version, which pretty much resembles real Firebug.

So the trick is pretty simple. Add the following link to your bookmarks and simply trigger it once you need Firebug on IE, Safari and any other browser:

Firebug Lite

This is link’s code:


Alternatively you can include the following code at the top of the of your page:

Note it’s also compatible with all major browsers starting IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome which can be a life saver!